AskOmics 3.2.3

AskOmics 3.2.3 is out!

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • fix delete dataset
  • Malformed input display an error message
  • Keep col order when using with isqlapi
  • Fix save query without selected node

AskOmics 3.2.2

AskOmics 3.2.2 is out!

  • Use isql-api 2.1.0
  • Use isql-api for all select and load queries
  • Integration: display percent
  • CSV: detect link when column editing
  • Display query exec time
  • Bug fixes and minor imrpovments

AskOmics 3.2.1

AskOmics 3.2.1 is out!

  • Redo chunk integration if failure
  • Redo graph deletion if failure
  • Select base at startpoints
  • Edit CSV headers
  • Template and public queries
  • Bugfixes and minor improvments