AskOmics 4.0.0

AskOmics 4.0.0 is out!

Major release

Partially compatible with AskOmics 3.x.x. User accounts and uploaded files can be kept, but all RDF data and saved queries must be deleted befor upgrading.

Major features

  • Union query
  • Several numerci attribute
  • ldap auth
  • Admin can create users
  • Admin can delete user and user can delete themselve
  • don't show public datasets to guests
  • Boolean value
  • Password recovery
  • Change default namespace

Minor features

  • Makefile for install build run test ...
  • Store abstraction in sql database
  • Welcome message
  • Human id in results file
  • Start query with the sparql editor
  • Check for endpoint metadata during RDF integration
  • Integrate al RDF format